2019 christmas in our hearts

DECEMBER 14, 2020


While it is said that Christmas is for kids, the recent Christmas Party at the Sunshine Place showed that it is for everyone during a fun-filled evening of great music and great camaraderie.

The senior hub was filled with strains of glorious music: The Met Chorus from the Manila Metropolitan Theater’s series of Christmas medleys . . . Cloi Sugano’s back-to-back solo… and Mariel Ilusorio and Atty. Antonio Pastor’s classical piano performances.

The Sunshine Place’s very own Tap Class also performed a special dance intermission, to the tune of “Love Never Felt So Good”. The exchanging gifts of members and a raffle in the program complete that Christmas feeling you’ll always love.

Nancy Ty and Felicidad Tan-Sy

Atty. Antonio Pastor, Tess Sy-Coson, Raphael Pastor, Tata Medado

Cloi Sugano

Mariel Ilusorio

Nani, Tess Colayco and Lizanne Uychaco

Raphael and Atty. Antonio Pastor

Bella Pilapil

Cecile De Joya

Fidel Sarmiento and Billie Trinidad