DECEMBER 9, 2023


Sunshine Place members and students joyously marked the holiday season with a delightful Christmas Pajama Party on December 9, 2023.

The festivities commenced with the captivating Christmas music played by guest violinist Gerard Secillano, hailing from St. Scholastica's College Manila (SSC). Following this, the Battig Chamber Singers, also from SSC, delivered a nostalgic choir performance.

The afternoon was filled with laughter and excitement as attendees engaged in lively games and participated in a series of raffle draws.

Students from the Tap Dance class showcased their acquired skills with a quick, energetic performance, demonstrating the talents honed in their advanced class in Sunshine Place.

The exchange of gifts, facilitated through a festive left-and-right Rudolph game, added an extra layer of enjoyment. The event reached its peak with a lively dance party, led by our esteemed Sunshine Place dance instructor, in which everyone, particularly the members, enthusiastically participated.

In a memorable segment of the program, Ms. Lizanne Uychaco, the President of Sunshine Place, delivered a heartfelt message to all guests, emphasizing the true spirit of Christmas and the enduring friendships forged within the Sunshine Place community.

Long-time members of Sunshine Place and students of Dekada class (L to R): Maricor Mendoza, Tess Castaneda, Marilou Prudente, and Edita Antolin

Staff, instructors, and students of Sunshine Place

Corazon Zamora with her caregivers

Che De Vega (Operations Manager), Elaine Indong (Marketing Supervisor), with Kids Art student Isabelle Grace Santos

Julie Cipriano (Senior Accounting Manager)

Mandy Atayde, Sunshine Place's long-time student of its Art class and the official DJ during Sunshine Place's events

Students of Advanced Tap Dance class (L to R): Rhoda Lugay, Ruby Sumabat, and Cherry Co, with instructor Danny Vinculado

Aurora Kho

Social Ballroom students (L to R): Ruby Sumabat, Lolly Noble, Grace San Juan, and Berna Balabat

Che De Vega and Amelia Garcia

Mercedes Llamas

Instructor Laiyan Balubayan with her student Lolita Feliciano

Tess Castaneda with Anna Regente

Kimberly Lazaga

The Battig Chamber Singers from Saint Scholastica's College Manila

The Battig Chamber Singers from Saint Scholastica's College Manila

Fe Siman

Celia Cabautan

Isabel Chua

Robert Fernandez

Danny Vinculado

Aurora Kho

Baby Babao with her family

Rhoda Lugay, Ruby Sumabat, and Cherry Co

Social Ballroom students Grace San Juan and Lolly Noble

Violinist Gerard Secillano from St. Scholastica's College Manila

Yla Dela Rosa (Marketing Manager), Anna Rose Regente (Accounting and Admin Supervisor), Elaine Indong (Marketing Supervisor), Romaine Delos Santos (Operations Supervisor), and Che De Vega (Operations Manager)

Gilda Reyes (Center Head)

Fidela Gotuaco with Danny Vinculado

Porcelain Painting class

Personal Training

Dekada student Edita Antolin

Berna Baladad

Linda Atayde with painting prize from instructor Fidel Sarmiento

Tap Dance class performing "September"

Cherry Co

The whole Sunshine Place team

With members and students of Sunshine Place