50 years old and above , Male / Female

Individual or with Partner

Quarterly, Semi-Annual and Annual Membership

Call us at (632) 8856-4162 for membership rates and tenure


  • FREE Quarterly Fitness Assessment and Talks with Life-Care Fitness Management Inc.

  • FREE Use of center facilities (i.e. home theater lounge, mahjong game area, karaoke)

  • FREE admission on activities and socials

  • FREE 3 class sessions on full-course enrollment on selected regular classes (i.e. Acrylic Painting, Dance Classes)

  • FREE admission on new class launches

  • FREE 30-Minutes Senior Fitness Training Program

    • Sunshine Place members can attend an assigned free 30-minutes workout every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday before they attend their regular dance classes. Each day a functional exercise movement is designed to address an elderly’s bodily function to help them move and perform their daily activities.

*See other free activities below.

Quarterly Fitness Talks with Life-Care Fitness Management Inc.

Socialize with co-members

Allen Isidro Teaches Line Dancing to members

Allen Isidro Teaches Chair LIne Dancing

Attend Sunshine Classics Concertos

Get basic training on elderly care at home from invited medical practitioners

Learn from experts: Chef Jesse on cooking kutsinta and pandan puto