Roof Deck

A flexible venue for social gathering, musical recitals or concertos, private parties, corporate functions, lecture/training classroom and dance practice (alternative to Dance Studio). 


Airconditioned, Glass door Panel Entrance/Exit to Landscaped Garden

Wooden Platform Stage, Basic Sound System, Panel Dividers, Rattan Sala Sets

Use of Piano and other special requests available for a one time fee


Regular Seating Capacity:  70 - 90 pax  if round table set-up or 100 pax if theater type

*Includes all party goers, caterer and contractor personnel

schedule, rates and reservations

SCHEDULE: Please call us for reservations


Weekend Rates P 2,000 / hour Senior  |  P 2,800/ hour Regular

Weekday Rates P 1,440 / hour Senior  |  P 2,016/ hour Regular


+63 917 801-6440

+ 63 02 8856-4162