Acrylic & Oil

Vicky Pollisco

Loida Tan

Conchitina Bernardo

Meliza Gonzales

With a photo of a chosen subject at hand, the class teaches them hands-on techniques in mixing paint, holding a brush, painting strokes and styles, to tips on framing the art work.

During online classes, the class refers to an assigned subject to be painted for the day's class, working synchronously with the instructor. While, standard face-to-face classes allow students to paint still life, landscape or seascape subjects of their choice, giving flexibility to ones’ mood and medical capabilities.

Annually, students exhibit their works at Sunshine Place.

The class also offers private lessons, kids classes, and special sessions for large canvass and commissioned works. All instructors are members of Arts Association of the Philippines.


Regular Classes (with Background)

Tuesday and Wednesday

9:30 AM - 12:30 NN

1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Friday and Saturday

1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Per Session

PhP 1,000.00 Senior

PhP 1,200.00 Regular

Full Course*

PhP 8,000.00 Senior

PhP 11,200.00 Regular

*8 Sessions + 2 FREE for SP Non-Members

*8 Sessions + 3 FREE for SP Members

Beginners Class


9:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Full Course

PhP 4,000.00 Senior

PhP 5,600.00 Regular

fidel MALIG sarmiento

Visual Artist and a Leader in the visual arts industry.

Ka Fidel’s interest in colonial houses stemmed from his initial college work while taking up an architectural degree course at the MAPUA Institute of Technology in Manila, Philippines. He readily shifted to a Fine Arts course in painting at the FEATI University. Enjoying a university scholarship, he was armed with pure essence in what was to become his art.

Fidel’s paintings have very refined architectural details and strong interplay of light and textures. Sarmiento paints directly onto the canvas. He infuses details like plants, animals, and human figures.

He is respected by his colleagues in the industry and has curved his own niche. He has mounted a total of 15 one-man shows to date, both local and and abroad, four back-to-back shows, 14 international group show he helped organize.

Mr. Sarmiento has received numerous prestigious awards, here and abroad and he is presently the President of the Art Association of the Philippines and a former member of the Board of Trustees of the National Museum, among others.

In the past years, he has been generous enough to offer his time, treasure, and talents by instilling the love of arts in communities through workshops, art competitions, and mentoring kids and senior citizens.

robert fernandez

Originally a tattoo artist, he was referred by a friend to develop his creativity by joining Arts Association of the Philippines. Robert started with AAP in 2001 as a volunteer and a canvas maker and pursued painting the following year. From then on, he joined art competitions of the organization and became protégé of the President Mr. Fidel Sarmiento. Eleven years after he joined, he had his first break to showcase his work with other artists abroad in “Young Art Philippines 2009” Euro Tour (8 cities). His expertise subjects are still life baskets, jars, fruit and flowers to name a few. He also accepts commission work for figurative painting.

He has been receiving awards since 2006 and his works are published in coffee table books and magazines. He also conducts art workshops in schools and provinces. Robert has been teaching with Mr. Fidel as an assistant instructor for more than three (3) years at Sunshine Place. Robert has been painting for more than 18 years.

ma. theresa buiser

Tere started drawing and crafting at a very young age. Her love and passion for teaching arts and crafts was reignited when she saw the opportunity to teach her own children. To learn, she self-studied and practiced while working on a day job. In her journey of developing herself as an art teacher, she became a member of Philippine Art Educators Association (PAEA) that brought her to conduct arts and crafts activities in different places.

Her search for developing her craft didn’t stop there. In 2014, she joined Arts Association of the Philippines (AAP) being inspired with Mr. Fidel Sarmiento’s works and profile. From then on, she joined art workshops with the President, events and group exhibits and competitions with the other AAP members. It was Fidel Sarmiento himself who referred Tere to assist the senior clients of Sunshine Place and potentially conduct arts and crafts workshops with kids. Her works are inspired by nature. Tere has been a member of AAP and painting for six (6) years.

She continually pursues teaching and learning the arts particularly painting. As a teacher she would like to unleash the talent in students who are afraid or do not know they have the talent. She believes that each one of us has what it takes to paint.