Coloring Lives Ii



OCTOBER 19 - 20, 2019


The Sunshine Place: Senior Recreation Center is the venue for seniors in creating great artworks and artists.

The Sunshine Place has three regular art classes and their intructors -- Acrylic painting class of Fidel Sarmiento, president of Arts Association of the Philippines; the Porcelain Painting Class of Mee Lee Casey, a Malaysia expat wife who has been teaching Porcelain Painting in United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Australia for more than 20 years; and Ikebana - Sogetsu inspired Flower Arrangement with Marcelino Tomas, former president of Ikebana International.

All three classes have developed senior citizen and non-senior students in discovering the untapped artistic talent they have, turn it into a hobby, then at present, become artist selling their work. A few Acrylic painting students have sold a couple of paintings, done commissioned work, and joined several national and local exhibitions, garnering honorable mentions and runner-up winners. Porcelain Painting students, not also exhibited their artworks, but also discovered friendships and a passion for the art. Ikebana students have also done exhibitions both inside and outside the Sunshine Place.

While art has colored their lives. This time, they would like to color lives of those who needs smiles, positivity, hope and love. With their combined Acrylic and Porcelain Painting exhibit on October 19, 2019, at the Sunshine Place: Senior Recreation Center, students will not only showcase their talents, but will also raise funds for the San Lorenzo Ruiz Home for the Elderly.

In this regard, the exhibition does not only become an eventful time of showcasing their accomplisments for the year but alos a great opportunity to contribute to those i need.


San Lorenzo Ruiz Home for the Elderly is again this year's beneficiary of Coloring Lives II exhibit which was mounted last October 2019 at Sunshine Place. Students of Sunshine Place's art classes -- Acrylic, Diamond, and Porcelain Painting; and Ikebana-Sogetsu --- not only showcased their artworks; they were able to raise funds for the care of the elderly.

Sunshine Place together with Painting students and their mentors visited the home for the elderly to turn over its donation from proceeds of the Coloring Lives exhibit. Also present were Coloring Lives exhibitors Gloria Sun-Pe, Meliza Gonzales, Loida Tan, Vicky Pollisco, Rosalind Lim Ng and Neny Regino together with their mentors, Fidel Sarmiento, Mee Lee Casey, Robert Fernandez and Tere Buiser.

Aside from the financial donation, two acrylic paintings measuring 4 x 8 feet now adorn the lobby of the home of the elderly, giving it a colorful and cheerful atmosphere. It is a product of the interaction among the elderly residents of San Lorenzo Ruiz Center for the Elderly and Sunshine Place instructors and students.

Located in Pasay City, the home for the elderly is run by the Little Sisters of the Poor, an international religious congregation founded by Saint Jeanne Jugan. San Lorenzo Ruiz Home for the Elderly was inaugurated on December 17, 2005 by Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales. It is one of two homes for the elderly that the congregation manages, the other being St. Joseph's home for the Elderly located in Pangasinan. Residents of the home for the elderly are men and women 65 years old and above who are financially unable to support themselves. They are provided holistic care in a family atmosphere, giving them a sense of security and belongingness.

The harmony of colors expressing the exhibitor's ideas and emotions has not only made a difference in the lives of the artists who have discovered their artistic talents in the twilight of their lives. On the other hand, it also transformed the lives of the elderly in the Center who continue to benefit from the anuual art exhibit.

This is the second fund raising event for the home of elderly undertaken by Sushine Place through its art classes.

With 'Coloring Lives,' the FTS Foundation continues to reaffirm its commitment to help make a better place to live, especially the elderly.

Fidel Sarmiento (Acrylic Instructor), Lizanne Uychaco (President Sunshine Place), Felicidad Tan-Sy , Mee Lee Casey (Porcelain Painting Instructor, Gobi Buencamino (Diamond Painting Instructor), and Marc Tomas (Ikebana Instructor) opens the Coloring Lives II Exhibit



IKEBANA CLASS with President Lizanne Uychaco, Vice-President and Center Head Gilda Reyes, Bella Pilapil, Felicidad Tan-Sy, Marcelino Tomas (Instructor), Imelda Elido and Neny Regino.

PORCELAIN PAINTING CLASS : Loida Tan, Neny Regino, Vicky Pollisco, Gloria Pe, Cel Bernardo, Mee Lee Casey, Tess Colayco, Rosalind Ng. Nani Santos and Terly Chikiamco

ACRYLIC PAINTING CLASS: Miram Jalandoni, Cecile de Joya, Loida Tan, Angela Yu, Vicky Pollisco, Meliza Gonzalez, Fidel Sarmiento (Instructor), Conchitina Bernardo, Erlinda Flores, Robert Fernandez (Instructor), Cherry Novera, Tere Buiser (Instructor)

Meliza Gonzales

Meliza Gonzalez and husband Gil

Gloria Pe

Felcidad Tan-Sy and Cecile De Joya

Vicky Pollisco

Vicky Pollisco

Erlinda Flores

Conchitina Bernardo

Cherry Novera

Marcelino Tomas, Instructo Ikebana

Felicidad Tan-Sy and her Diamond Painting

Bella Pilapil

Loida Tan

Loida Tan

Cecile De Joya

Tess Colayco

Fidel Sarmiento

Fidel Sarmiento

Robert Fernandez

Miriam Jalandoni

Tere Buiser

Rosalind Ng

Felicidad Tan-Sy and Gobi Buencamino

Cris Moreno-Cruz

Marcelino Tomas

Mee Lee Casey

Cel Bernardo

Nani Santos

Bella Pilapil

Terly Chikiamco

Neny Regino