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Voice Class at Sunshine Place starts with necessary warm up before each session. Proper breathing, right intonation, posture, stage presence and interpretation are also taught. Concepts learned are applied with songs to be sung. 

Singing strengthens the immune system. For the elderly it is a great form of aerobic workout for your lungs, as oxygen enters the lungs, proper singing techniques and vocal projections are practiced. The diaphragm becomes stronger and improves overall circulation. Posture improves posture and helps stop snoring and sleep apnea. Singing your favorite song, not only brings back memories but also calms the mind. Lastly, learning the craft broadens communication skills and boosts one’s confidence.

class rates & schedule


Mondays and Wednesdays, by appointment only


8-session Rate  

PhP 8,000 Senior

PhP 11,200 Regular

*Pls. call Sunshine Place for schedule & instructor availability.


Ms Patricia Carpio, an honors graduate of St. Scholastica College’s School of Music, has taught voice students ranging from child to adults. She also tailors different lesson plans, depending on student's prior knowledge and capabilities.