Coloring Lives I



OCTOBER 27, 2018


Coloring Lives, the recent exhibit of art students at the Sunshine Place was not only a visual feast, but also brought brightness and joy to their beneficiaries, the elderly residents of the San Lorenzo Ruiz Home in Pasay City.

The exhibit brought together the works of students in two regular art classes in the Sunshine Place: those in the Acrylic painting class of Arts Association of the Philippines President Fidel Sarmiento, and those in the Porcelain Painting class of Mee Lee Casey, a Malaysian expat wife, who has been teaching Porcelain Painting in UK, Hong Kong and Australia for more than 20 years.

Both instructors have developed both senior and non-senior students in discovering their artistic talents, showing that art is for all ages. A few Acrylic painting students have sold a couple of paintings, done commissioned work and joined several national and local exhibitions. Porcelain Painting students, on the other hand, have developed a passion for art, and discovered friendships in the process.

Proceeds from the exhibit will be for the benefit of the San Lorenzo Ruiz Home for the Elderly, which has been managed since 2012 by the Little Sisters of the Poor. The mission of the congregation of French nuns in Manila is to give respect and dignity to the elderly.

The Sunshine Place offers art classes to seniors, as well as adults, teens and kids. At the core of the workshops, are mentoring sessions in hands-on techniques, application of different brushes & basic strokes, and color rendering. Participants get to explore different styles in creating still life, landscape, cityscape, underwater, animals and portrait paintings.

Tessie Sy-Coson with Malaysian expat and Porcelain Painting Instructor Mee Lee Casey during the Acrylic and Porcelain Painting Exhibit launch at the Sunshine Place.

Congresswoman Lucy Torres-Gomez with her porcelain painting artworks, Whispers of the Mind, The Joy of Beginnings, Rainbow of Blooms and Dolce.

Woman of style Conchitina Bernardo with her painting, Cats and Cubes.

Lucy Torres-Gomez – Dolce, circular porcelain, (7” diameter)

Conchitina Bernardo – 2 Peacocks, acrylic on canvas, (20” x 24”)

Mee Lee Casey - Yin Yang, oval overlap porcelain, (7”x11”)

Sunshine Place President Lizanne Uychaco (first from left) and Porcelain Painting Instructor Mee Lee Casey (fourth from left) with Porcelain painting students (L-R): Cris Moreno, Tess Colayco, Atty. Vicky Pollisco, Terly Chikiamco, Gloria Pe and Loida Tan.

Carminda Regala’s Japanese Garden in Tanaguchi Park, acrylic on canvas, (18” x 24”)

Porcelain painting student Tess Colayco and her works, Celebrating Beauty in Darkness, Enamel Whimsy, Autumn Pears in a Summer Basket, Peace Underneath, Hanako- Flower Child

Sunshine Place President Lizanne Uychaco and Philippines President of Arts Association and Acrylic Painting Instructor Fidel Sarmiento with acrylic painting student and SM Retail VP Controller Connie Cadelina.

Batis, by Fidel Sarmiento oil pastel on felt paper

Atty. Vicky Pollisco with her oil on canvas artworks - Bird of Paradise and Hawaiian Friendship, (18” x 24”)

Florangel Braid’s Tindera, acrylic on canvas, (16” x 20”)

BDO Unibank First VP for Treasury Ed Ramos with his artwork, Prowess.

Kel Escalaw with her oil on canvas artwork, Behind Beauty #2 (24” x 18”)

John Stevens's Kohn Series, acrylic on canvas, (24” x 48”)

Robert Fernandez with his acrylic on canvas painting, Catleya (18” x 24”)

Atty. Vicky Pollisco – Pink Lotus, square porcelain

Terly Chikiamco’s Blessings, (5.75" x 7")

Nani Santos’s Woodsy, rectangular tile, (30 x 10 cm x 2 pieces)