Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Sessions consist of injury assessment, goal-setting and guided therapeutic exercises.

Therapy provided is personalized, functional and cost-effective ranging from adult/geriatric orthopedic, musculoskeletal and neurologic conditions. Exercises are light and simple enough to be done regularly for a specific body issue or for general fitness and well-being.

 Through face to face or online sessions, members of Sunshine Place could be guided towards understanding the root cause of their body pain and limitations. These range from muscle and bone issues like arthritis, scoliosis, muscle aches, joint issues, long standing back pain, and incomplete recovery from surgery. They will be taught to manage these concerns. Also, limitations in daily activities such as walking, getting out of bed and climbing stairs can also be addressed. 

All one-on-one sessions may be done face to face in Sunshine Place, or through Viber, Zoom WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger - whichever is most convenient for the client. Rates vary.

class rates & schedules

Online 1 - hour Session, By Appointment 

Monday to Saturday


PhP 1,500 Senior

PhP 2,100 Regular


PhP 2,500 Senior

PhP 3,500 Regular


PhP 5,000 Senior

PhP 7,000 Regular


PhP 6,000 Senior

PhP 8,400 Regular

Face to Face 1 - hour Session, By Appointment 

Monday to Saturday


PhP 2,000 Senior

PhP 2,800 Senior


PhP 7,000 Senior

PhP 9,800 Regular


PhP 12,000 Senior

PhP 16,800 Regular

josh manoharan, ptrp

Josh Manoharan, registered Physical Therapist competed his BS Physical Therapy degree in the University of the Philippines - Manila. After passing his licensure exam, he worked for a local branch of a Singapore-based Back Pain specialty clinic in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. His clinical training in Physio Asia Singapore broadened his mind to apply modern approaches to physical therapy which he still applies to his sessions today. He transitioned into the fitness industry when he realized that injury management alone is not sufficient to avoid pain. Living a more active life wards off or minimizes body issues in the long-term. He has been affiliated with an international gym franchise called F45 training since 2015. He is currently a resident therapist in several gym clinics.

 Josh joined Sunshine Place family in November 2017. Josh believes in seniors aging gracefully, and physical therapy is one way to achieve a happy and active life.