Occupational Therapy (OT) is all about what occupies your time --

those everyday activities that are important to you.

Are there any issues with your arm and hand that makes everyday activities challenging, such as eating, dressing and writing? Is there a risk of falling and experiencing accidents within the home? Is your daily routing a little too unsatisfying and inactive? Does your memory and mental health affect the ability to do everyday activities? OT can help with all of these issues.

Occupational Therapy helps individuals and their families figure out how to improve a one's well-being through promoting arm and hand function, memory and mental health, and help you do your daily activities. These are done through exercises, problem-solving discussions. Modifications to the activity and environment are also applied to make things safer and easier.

OT focuses on finding solutions, so you can do what matters to you.

All one-on-one sessions may be done through Google Meet, Viber, Zoom, or Facebook Messenger - whichever is easiest to use.

class rates & schedules


  1. Client to undergo an initial 2-session Assessment Report Package, inclusive of 1st session Evaluation and 2nd session Conference.

  2. Client to pursue the 8-session Occupational Therapy Sessions. Each session is 1 hour and by appointment. Each package includes an end-of-course screening/evaluation.

  3. Should a progress report required by a physician, rates apply.

  4. In this challenging times and in the interest of safety, all sessions can be done through Google Meet, Zoom, Messenger or Viber, as preferred by client.


2-Session Assessment Report

PhP 3,000 Senior

PhP 3,750 Regular

8-Session Occupational Therapy

PhP 9,200 Senior

PhP 12,880 Regular

Progress Report -upon request

PhP 1,500 Senior

PhP 2,100 Regular

mia macapagal, otr, otrp

Mia Macapagal is a licensed occupational therapist working with teenagers and adults since 2011. She graduated with a degree in BS Occupational Therapy from the University of the Philippines-Manila.

Realizing the need for services in the important transition stages of teenage and adulthood years, she has dedicated her practice to helping clients improve their mental health, executive functions, social skills, and everyday activities.

She is an advocate for active aging and occupational therapy, having presented in conferences both for professionals and the general public through Theracon, the Philippine Academy of Occupational Therapists, and the Alzheimer’s Disease Association of the Philippines.

Mia is currently affiliated with a clinic and private hospitals in Metro Manila. She is also taking her graduate studies in the University of the Philippines – Diliman, with a specialization in Clinical Psychology.