With a photo of a chosen subject at hand, the class teaches them hands-on techniques in mixing paint, holding a brush, painting strokes and styles, to tips on framing the art work.

During online classes, the class refers to an assigned subject to be painted for the day's class, working synchronously with the instructor.

8-session Full Course includes:

Abstract, Sketching, Landscape, Still Life, Pet Portraiture, Anime, Anything You Love and Custom-you-own shoe or bag

The class also offers private lessons, kids classes, and special sessions for large canvass and commissioned works. All instructors are members of Arts Association of the Philippines.


Regular Classes

Tuesday 10:00 am - 12:00 nn

Tuesday 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Rates (VAT Inclusive)

PhP 8,960.00 ~ 8 session full course

PhP 1,400.00 ~ per session

PhP 500 ~ Starter Kit

Min of 2; Max of 4

RACHael guevarra ESCALAW

Rachael Guevarra Escalaw is a self taught artist from Sipac-Almacen Navotas City, Metro Manila, Philippines, She is very much interested in the process of art making, and believe that art can be as much for the artist as it is for the audience. She has been showing her work consistently for numerous group exhibits and has bagged several distinctions in art. Different mediums allow her to express different ideas. Her personal work currently focuses on Portraiture, abstract and painting directly from life. Her goal is to acquire as many technical skills as she can exploring art as a more social and public endeavor.