qi gong

Sunshine Place offers Qi Gong both SEATED for those with limited mobility and ACTIVE STANDING FLOW. Both Qi Gong classes will apply Wuji Yuan Gong Style, an adaptation from International Sheng Zhen Society. Active Standing Flow also includes as 16-Ways of Chi.

Jose Antonio Anonas, will offer both classes applying internal qi gong - cultivating the flow of qi within the practitioners energy system manifested as meditation, visualization, breathing and subtle movements. There are no restrictions to the practitioner, in fact, qi gong has evidences as a form of healing and promotion of health. Evidenced to be a natural form of medicine for hypertension, anxiety management, and in China, to be a form of cancer intervention (Source: www.naturalmedicinejournal.com).

As such, qi gong becomes a self-healing practice and a safe mindful movement modality when learned from an instructor.


The practice involves moving and non-moving (meditative) forms of qi gong thereby integrating the body with a peaceful mind and uplifted spirit. The practice also balances the qi (chi) or energy spirit. Where there is excess of qi, qi gong decreases. Where their deficiency, qi gong increases. In traditional Chinese medicine, any imbalance in the qi results in physical disorders or emotional upset. Qi gong relieves the stress produced by a dualistic mind, uplifting the spirit and making the body healthy. Overall, the practice enables one to feel whole and harmonious with oneself and others.

Appropriate for seniors, with or without physical disabilities, weak or strong. Movements of each form are given poetic names to be remembered easily and aid in visualization and imagination. This aids the mind to relax and focus on the present moment and be free from worries of everyday life. (Source: 1995, International Sheng Zhen Society, Sheng Zhen, Wuji Yuan Gong: Qigong for Self-Healing and Enlightenment.

16-WAYS QI GONG (Additional for Active Flow Qi Gong)

Proper breathing, correct posture (standing/seated), the ‘chi’ ball, hand movements are taught. The 16-ways qi gong will be helpful in addressing different body ailments/body. (Source: 2002, Luk Chun Bond,The First 16 Secrets of CHI: Feng Shui for the Human Body.)



Monday and Thursday 8:45 - 9:45 am


Friday 2:00 - 3:00 pm


Per Session

PhP 500.00 Senior

PhP 700.00 Regular

Full Course*

PhP 4,000.00 Senior

PhP 5,600.00 Regular

*8 Sessions + 2 FREE for Non-Members of Sunshine Place

8 Sessions + 3 FREE for Members of Sunshine Place

GO STEP-UP Program: Enroll for the same full-course rate, and get to attend at least 3 different physical activity classes. Classes valid for Step-Up Program: Chair Dancing, Dekada, Zumba Gold, Pound Fitness, Tai Chi Yang and Qi Gong.

jose antonio anonas

Jose Antonio Anonas, instructor, first learned his meditation in 1997. His mentor invited him to learn Tai Chi and referred him to Luneta Park where in he eventually met “Mang Ben”, a Filipino teacher on the 24 Yang and 108 Wu syte movements. He later on learned 42 Yang movements and 73 Sun style from Dr. Wan, a mainland Chinese.

He started teaching 24 Yang Style in 2006.

Jose, teaches Tai Chi 24 Yang and Healing Qi Gong at Sunshine Place.