Senior Yoga

A gentle practice of modern yoga poses and sequences using the chair as foundation and support. It is well adapted for seniors looking to increase mobility and flexibility without much load or strain on the body. Mindful movement with attention to breathing helps increase vitality, boost the mood, relieve tension and reduce stress. 

class rate & schedule

Schedule:  Tuesday @ 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM 

Per Session

PhP  500.00 Senior

PhP   700.00 Regular

Full Course*

PhP 4,000.00 Senior

PhP 5,600.00 Non-Senior 

  *8 Sessions + 2 FREE for Non-Members of Sunshine Place

    8 Sessions + 3 FREE for Members of Sunshine Place

GO STEP-UP Program: Enroll for the same full-course rate, and get to attend at least 3 different physical activity classes. Classes valid for Step-Up Program: Chair Dancing, Dekada, Zumba Gold, Pound Fitness, Tai Chi Yang, Qi Gong and Senior Yoga. 


Yoga and Mindful Movement Instructor