Tai Chi originated as an ancient for of self-defense. Today, it serves as a graceful exercise, mostly appealing to elderly, helping overall physical and mental health. It is low impact and puts minimal stress on muscles and joints. It consists of continuous flow of slow movements or postures coordinated with breathing. The slow and flowing movements and shifts of balance strengthen the arms and legs while conditioning of tendons, ligaments, as well as making practitioners flexible, less prone to injury. The continuous flow, weight and position shifting enables mind and body awareness carried over into life after a long practice of Tai Chi. The steady breathing calms the mind and allows entry of more oxygen in the body. The slower and lower the movement, the greater the strength and endurance benefit.

Progress is self-paced. There is no pressure nor rush to learning the form on the individual. Learning the art seems to be no end, because it constantly challenges both the mind and body.

 It teaches the virtue of patience. Keeps calm and serene, elevates the mood, reduces anxiety, depression and blood pressure, and improves longer restful sleep during the night. This ‘meditation in motion’ practice promotes the flow of Chi or life force throughout the body, promoting good health and vitality.

The Yang Style, offered in Sunshine Place, is the most popular and consists of slow, soft and circular movements in a flowing form. Each posture flows into the next without pausing. Yin and Yang opposites are applied: softness and strength, forward and backward, action and calm.  From the 88 long Yang form, Sunshine Place offers the universal 24 movements.


Online Schedule:  Wednesday and Saturday @ 8:45 AM - 9:45 AM 

Per Session   

PhP  500.00 Senior

PhP  700.00 Regular 

Full Course*

PhP 4,000.00 Senior

PhP 5,600.00 Regular

  *8 Sessions + 2 FREE for Non-Members of Sunshine Place

    8 Sessions + 3 FREE for Members of Sunshine Place

GO STEP-UP Program: Enroll for the same full-course rate, and get to attend at least 3 different physical activity classes. Classes valid for Step-Up Program: Chair Dancing, Dekada, Zumba Gold, Pound Fitness, Tai Chi Yang and Qi Gong.

jose antonio anonas

Jose Antonio Anonas, instructor, first learned his meditation in 1997. His mentor invited him to learn Tai Chi and referred him to Luneta Park where in he eventually met “Mang Ben”, a Filipino teacher on the 24 Yang and 108 Wu syte movements. He later on learned 42 Yang movements and 73 Sun style from Dr. Wan, a mainland Chinese. 

He started teaching 24 Yang Style in 2006.  

Jose, teaches Tai Chi 24 Yang and Healing Qi Gong at Sunshine Place.